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Andrea Hunter

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Andrea was born in Wensleydale and after graduating from Leeds University in 1987 she returned to the dale to work as a professional artist. After several years her interest in textiles uncovered a real love for felt making. Traditionally felt-making is viewed as a craft requiring a great amount of skill, Andrea’s work transcends this into a highly distinctive technique, which skillfully applies the principles of drawing and painting to fine layers of wool. Andrea’s work has a striking, atmospheric quality. Mood, movement and dramatic light effects are all captured in pictures which resemble charcoal or pastel drawings, but with the added depth and textural quality created by using fine layers of wool.

The wild landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and a profound empathy with her surroundings are central to her work.

Andrea’s success in demonstrating the merits of wool as a drawing medium have been an important step in pushing the boundaries of this ancient craft and one which has won her much acclaim. She exhibits nationally; her work has featured in several TV programs and

2012 saw the publication of “Creating Felt Pictures” written and illustrated by Andrea, this book discusses and gives guidance on the use of wool as a drawing medium and has been and continues to be very well received. Also in this year Andrea completed her largest commission pieces to date. Several large panels covering two walls at the “Courtyard Brasserie” Settle, North Yorkshire.

Prices range from £160 to several thousands.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Collaboration, Project Management