Art Connections is a Chrysalis Arts project providing a range of services for visual artists in York, North Yorkshire and beyond.

Angela Keeble

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Angela Keeble’s abstract and semi-abstract works derive from a range of sources; direct observations, lingering memories and, in particular, the act of painting itself. In addition to being influenced by her local North Yorkshire environment, having lived in London, Gibraltar and on the Devon and Hampshire coasts, Angela’s work is frequently informed by her long association with the maritime and docklands landscape.

Working predominantly in oil, Angela enjoys the process of creating compositions from ideas which provide a starting point but not a preconceived vision of the end result. This approach often involves frequent reworking with the history of the painting hinted at just beneath the surface. Whatever concepts may have been the underlying source of her paintings, she takes the view that the finished image is its own entity which may be open to varied interpretations depending upon its interaction with the individual viewer.

Prices range from £150 – £1,500.