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Annette Jeffery

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Working in textiles but not exclusively, Annette enjoys experimenting with the many ways of making felt. She uses traditional techniques or finds her own methods of making sturdy durable material, as seen in her work Heads made from local alpaca and hebridean fleece.

Her Listening to Mary Magdalen explores the myths surrounding Mary Magdalen and who she was, and represents Annette’s own search for identity. As with this mythological character, it constantly changes.

The Objects of De-Sire installations represent symbols of power and change much longed for by women throughout the world. It is with a certain pleasure that she weaves these tools into her dreams, tools that were forbidden, into a concoction of possibilities. These pieces are hung from the ceiling and freely rotate in response to a spectators movements and air currents. Annette intends to develop this potential in further work.

Objects of De-Sire 1 represents an innocent awakening, a desire for these unobtainable objects/ ideas, tools that can fashion and transform. Objects of De-Sire 2 celebrates a certain achievement, but hints at the psychological difficulties in deciding which tools would be most useful. We might wonder who presses the buttons and pulls the levers.

Prices for her work range from £500- £1250.

Annette enjoys exhibiting and working on a variety of themes with other artists, writers, musicians and film-makers. She has exhibited with others at the Zilla Bell Gallery in Thirsk; Studio 6 Gallery in Pateley Bridge; The Crooked House in Lavenham; Oasis School of Human Relations in Boston Spa; Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford; Masham Festival; and Pateley Bridge Festival. She recently worked on an exhibition Artists In The Garden at Harlow Carr with Laney Birkhead and other artists.

Annette also runs workshops for various organisations such as the WI, the Association of Guilds of Spinners & Dyers, The Skipton Embroidery Guild and the Masham Festival.

Current methods of working:  Private Commission, Collaboration, Education projects