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Brian Pike

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Traditional fairy tales use simple, stylised narrative to explore dark and disturbing issues. Similarly, Brian Pike uses naive, ‘safe’ imagery and irreverent humour to explore painful themes like loss, rejection, doubt, disappointment and identity.

Brian’s work is intensely personal, directly reflecting events in his daily life. Attempting to pinpoint the everyday tensions we all experience, he has created an idiosyncratic, constantly evolving world with its own elusive logic. Its brooding landscapes are home to a cast of eccentric non-human characters, often frozen in a moment of indecision. Frequently the light is fading, or night has already come. This is the magical, bittersweet realm of childhood, briefly glimpsed again from afar.

Brian paints in a mixed-media technique of his own invention. By layering different elements — including watercolours, acrylics and oils — he creates subtle, smouldering colours whose tonalities shift according to the play of the light, and lustrous surfaces not immediately recognisable as paint on paper.

Although he works on a small, intimate scale — aiming at a jewelled, icon-like effect — the simple, stripped-down forms and uncluttered picture space give his pictures an immediacy out of proportion to their modest size.

Editions from £55. Original paintings from £300.

Current methods of working: Private Commission