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Bridget Askew

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Selected as an Emerging Artist

Bridget Askew is an artist living and working in rural Ryedale. She is primarily a painter, generally working in oils and acrylics on canvas. For the past four years she has been exploring the notion of rurality, from the view point of community and the farming sector.

The family farm, where she worked for over a decade, is the catalyst and point of entry for her enquiries. Bridget is not interested in documentation but in the poetical evocation of this small area in which she grew up. She initially uses photography and film to respond to and discover themes of rurality, many of which are autobiographical. These narratives evoke memories and perhaps challenge preconceptions of rural life. Bridget Askew seeks to be an observer of atmosphere and she is interested in filmic notions of the punctum and the optical unconscious. In this sense she sees film and painting as linked.

The scale of Bridget’s gallery work is from about 12×14 inch to 3×4 foot. In the past she has undertaken mural work 10x10m square on and in public buildings

Prices are from £200 to £3500.

Current methods of working: Private Commission, Exhibition