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Corinne Young

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Corinne is a textile artist from East Yorkshire, with a BA (Hons) in Textile Design. She has experience of producing site specific work to commission, and has had several successful gallery exhibitions in Yorkshire, the North West and London. Highlights so far have included a series of wall hangings for the Lord of the Rings Show in Toronto and London, and an installation of 17th century inspired work for Burton Constable Hall.

Her current work is inspired by two major things – gardens and the artefacts to be found in historic houses. The garden aspect gives her work its colour, texture and form, and the methods she uses and the style of the work comes from the study of historic artefacts such as stump work caskets.

Corinne sees materials that have had a previous life as much more precious, and only uses new materials when she has no choice. She uses old fabrics, handmade and vintage papers and trimmings alongside her hand and machine embroidery stitches, passimenterie and various construction methods. She relishes the process involved in the creation of the work, from the research and design through the sampling and problem solving stages to the creation and finishing of each piece.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Collaboration, Project Management, Community work, Education projects, Curator and arts organiser