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Donna Brewins

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Donna Brewin is a painter inspired by landscape, sky and the constant changes they go through. The impact of light is particularly interesting to her and she likes the challenge of depicting it.

Walking is central to Donna’s research and the preparation of a painting. She observes and records changes in light and weather conditions on canvas, in her sketchbook and with a camera, which adds spontaneity, speed and intensity to the work.

She often merges a remembered image or part of an image with an intuitive use of colour and texture. The result changes constantly from representing a landscape to a dialogue more abstract or semi-abstract, which create their own presence as pieces.

Donna works predominantly in oil on canvas as the intensity of colour that can be achieved through oils helps her to translate her ideas more effectively. She has produced commissioned work up to 240×150 cm and has sold work up to £1,500. She has worked with Leeds NHS Trust, Yorkshire Artspace, York Art Gallery, Sheffield Galleries, The Station in Richmond and Cupola Gallery in Sheffield. She is also the featured artist on a high profile national television series due to be broadcast in the Autumn of 2013.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Community work, Education projects