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Eric Moss

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Eric Moss works in raku and naked raku as he likes the way the finished pots reflect their ‘elemental’ journey from transient mud into immutable ceramic – he thinks this particular process imparts a ‘sense of life’ within a piece. The transparent crackle glaze he uses dresses tightly-controlled, sculpted forms in a complementary random and natural effect sometimes punctuated by paper and glue resisted areas. Forms suggest seeds and nuts, ringed planets, flower bracts and jet engine parts. Larger, sculptural work is assembled mulitiple part ‘boat’ press moulded forms with varying surface treatment and the ability to ‘nest’ one sculpture within another of different scale.

Much of Eric’s work is multi part and tactile and offers a range of display composition which includes the observer/owner into the sculptural process – nearly all themes ‘evolve’ and interact with others mostly by chance rather than design – a form of natural selection which also enables collectors to assemble their own ‘creation’ from examples of the different forms he’s producing. Eric is currently investigating naked raku and foil saggar fired work with unglazed finishes. Sizes range from ‘apple size’ up to a nominal 45cm spherical volume. Prices range from £50 – £750.

Current methods of working: Private Commission