Art Connections is a Chrysalis Arts project providing a range of services for visual artists in York, North Yorkshire and beyond.

Greening Arts Practice

A new professional development programme to support artists’ practice and engagement with climate change and related environmental and sustainability issues.

Chrysalis Arts Development is hosting a programme of talks and discussions incorporating a diverse range of approaches to art, ecological and sustainability issues. The programme should be of interest to artists who are thinking about how they can get involved in these issues as an evolving part of their practice as well as those who are already working in this area. It will involve artists, curators, producers and those who work with them with the aim of offering different perspectives and experiences and overcoming some of the barriers and perceptions that currently restrict creative participation.


Click here for info on Session One with Rebecca Chesney >>

Click here for info on Session Two with Creative Carbon Scotland >>


To book, contact 01756 748529 / [email protected]



Feedback from Session One:

“Thanks for setting up the discussion with Rebecca last week. Enjoyed hearing more about her work and approaches to making work in response to environment and climate issues. Thanks again for the inspiration (and a great lunch!)”  Sara Cooper, Artist


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