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Helen Bowes

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Mixed Media

Selected as an Emerging Artist

Helen Bowes explores the curvaceous line in both two and three dimensions. She is continuously experimenting with the possibilities of a variety of materials and is currently exploring the physicality of plaster and that of sculpture itself.

Her work mainly derives from her love of nature and the natural landscape, however, she intends this as a point of departure rather than a depiction of a topography or particular narrative. Although influenced by nature, Helen wants her work to have a multiplicity of meanings, a reflection of our complex phenomenological response to the landscape and the threat to our environments from industry.

The work is more concerned with formal elements, the continual evolution of the line, form and rhythm. She abstracts the landscape and try to grasp at what is within it – its essence.

The scale of Helen’s work varies from small unique framed wall sculptures and prints, up to large wall sculptures measuring about a metre. Prices range from £75 for prints and up to around £600.

Helen is currently showing in the Grimsby Contemporary Art Open and at the Abbey Walk Gallery in Grimsby.

She is also Artist in Residency for her local wildlife trust and is the membership secretary for Ryedale Art Works.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Collaboration,  Community work, Education projects