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Ian Mitchell

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I have been building up a digital art practice developing an approach to digital printmaking which combines my interest in landscape, aesthetics and design. ‘Linescapes’ are my unique delineation of the landscape based on a stripped down reality paying homage to early travel posters, drawing on the reductive style of early twentieth century German and Swiss design.

I developed this approach by utilising software from my background as a designer. Work to date has been rooted in the British Landscape tradition of natural scenery and I have developed a visual approach that mediates the traditional conventions of Landscape and the Modernist aesthetic. I have produced a large range of limited edition landscape derived prints that I sell through my own website and various shop type galleries.

I am increasingly drawn to contemporary man-made landscapes, the concrete modernism of urban architecture. Recently I have made a series prints that address the subject of motorway architecture and modernity.

For a recent solo exhibition at Ryedale Folk Museum I made a series of experimental works with the help of an ACE Grant which explored new imagery and incorporated digital production techniques into the artwork creating pieces which operated as integrated ‘objects’.

Current methods of working: private commission, I also work to my own briefs and supply various Galleries & Shops