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Janet Yeun Yau

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Janet Yeun Yau creates unique distinctive contemporary jewellery. Each piece is handmade. She uses precious metals; sterling and fine silver, oxidized silver and 24ct gold plated silver which are often complemented with fresh water pearls and rich colorful gemstones.

Her inspiration is found in the beauty of the natural world, from its forms, textures and intricate patterns. Whilst exploring the creative design process, she endeavours to capture the essence of these forms. Janet uses traditional jewellery techniques to create subtle textures with simple, yet striking forms. These techniques include: wire work, saw piercing (this involves using a saw frame with a fine blade to cut out the shapes), doming to create curves, for texturing she uses the rolling mill for finer details, reticulation (which is heating the silver to a high temperature to melting point to create organic designs) and various hammers to shape and finish pieces.

Janet’s work is exhibited and sold through galleries and selected craft events. She also undertakes private commissions. Prices range from £18 upwards.

Current methods of working: Public Commission.