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Jim Wright

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Jim Wright’s work is an emotional response to his experiences in the more remote areas of the moors, mountains and coastline of Britain. He is inspired by natural forces of energy the quality of light and its effects upon the land.

Jim likes to immerse himself in the landscape; to witness the local weather conditions, the changing colours, understand the lie of the land and build a sense of place often returning regularly to favourite haunts on the North York Moors to achieve this goal. He loves experiencing wild stormy days on the west coast of Britain, where the sea often sparkles with the purity of the light and the Atlantic delivers some huge powerful swells. Jim positions himself as close to the breaking waves as possible, to feel the frenzy of the storm and draw on the flow of energy from the sea and the wind.

He currently paints on extra fine cotton canvas or wood panel, beginning with thin washes of oils applied with rags, and gradually overlaying them with thicker layers of oils using rags, card and brushes.

Prices range from £400 to £2500 and painting vary in size from 25x25cm to 1×1.5 metres.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission