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John Jones

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John Jones is an artist-printmaker specialising in colour linoprints. He worked for a time with Katie Clemson, the Australian printmaker/author, in her New Forest studio. His images are figurative, and sometimes derived from memorable moorland and seascape sightings, occasions and viewpoints. There is no single conscious theme in John’s work, nor any particular issue to pursue through it. He tries to explore varied interpretations of his subjects by modifying his printing techniques. Each image has usually first been a drawing or photograph, which then acts as a specific guide or simply as a generalised idea for a linoprint design.

John’s prints are produced by the ‘reduction-block’ method, by which successive overlaying colours are printed progressively from the same linoblock or blocks, with the block(s) being cut or etched away (i.e. ‘reduced’) between each colour stage. This system usually guarantees more accurate colour registration, but also means that only one limited edition of each complete image can ever be made. One edition of 36 prints would take between two and four weeks to complete. The image sizes are up to 38 x 27 cm and they are all handprinted on an 1840 ‘Albion’ cast-iron platen press.

John’s mounted print prices range from £50 to £180.

Current methods of working: Private Commission, Collaboration, Training