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Julie Moss

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Using a variety of traditional and modern techniques, Julie Moss designs and makes bespoke pieces of jewellery and silverware.

Julie’s work incorporates a variety of different media including precious metals – silver, gold, palladium; precious and semi-precious gemstones; vitreous enamels; rubber and latex. She is drawn to the strength, warmth and delicacy of these materials through their tactile and underlying natures. Her hope is to complement these properties within the design so they may be admired when the piece is held in the hand, worn against the skin or simply observed. To that end, many of the pieces contain an element of interaction.

The majority of Julie’s work is made to commission (and for her own pure enjoyment).

Prices start from £60 to several thousand pounds.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Collaboration, Education projects, Training