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Marianne von Tucka

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Marianne von Tucka  makes contemporary vessels which are thrown and sometimes modified, hand-built sculptural objects and wall-pieces which vary in scale from 10–80 cm high. She finds clay a wonderful material to work with and has a very eclectic and intuitive approach. Colour is her passion and a fascination with the glazing process has also inspired her to develop a personal range of textured and vibrantly coloured stoneware glazes with variations in surface qualities from matt to shiny.

All of Marianne’s forms are treated as three-dimensional canvases with the focus on relationships and contrasts. Straight and curved lines are drawn onto the surface to create a design which counter-points the form. The glazes are then applied by brush in multiple layers to create a rich depth of colour and texture. Some areas are wax-resisted in order to retain the definition of adjacent glazed areas. It is important that the finished piece has a delightful tactile quality.

The inspiration for Marianne’s work comes from an initial training in music with its abstract qualities such as rhythm, balance and harmony as well as a keen interest in the landscape.

Price range: £15 – £450

Current methods of working: Private Commission