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Maureen Little

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Maureen Little’s paintings are visual meditations on special places in the landscape. Her recent work has been inspired by the valley of the River Nidd –  its river, woods, rocks, wild hidden places, and the subtle marks made on this country by people over the centuries. Places in Scotland and Spain are also a source of subject matter.

In order to express ideas, memories  and emotions evoked by these places, Maureen collages elements of the scene, often using the device of screens, stage-sets, doorways etc. She spends a lot of time organising the composition and uses watercolour, acrylics, oil, collaged papers and textured pastes – whatever works best. Recently she has completed a commission from a poet – Isobel Thrilling –  to create a painting inspired by one of her poems.

Maureen’s work has been selected on several occasions for the Annual Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy and at the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate.

The scale of the work ranges from 20 x 20cms to approximately 86 x 74cms and the price range is £75 to £1,800.

There are also giclee prints of selected work which cost £80 each unframed and cards at £3.99 on average.

Current methods of working: Private Commission