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Moira McTague

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Moira McTague is a painter/printmaker. Often inspired by things that are easy to ignore, her work is based on an intimate observation and response to her surroundings, memories and more recently connecting the present with the past.

In both painting and etching Moira often works in layers, enjoying the physical, material properties of the media working in harmony with the ideas. She finds that working in layers is a way of gaining deeper understanding and emotional insight.

Etching is done on both copper and zinc plates but Moira is also experimenting with new methods and solar plate, embracing the possibilities that they offer.

During a recent residency at Nidderdale Museum, Moira made drawings to help her understand and unravel the nature of bird’s nest building. This led her to link the work to an interest in her ancestors and human migration – their sacrifice and building for future generations. This ongoing project has inspired her to work from other collections including The Stewartry Museum in Scotland. The idea is not to replicate, but to observe, research and among other things, connect with a changing response to the ‘collector’ of the past in a personal way.

6x6cm- (mini prints) to 180x180cm

Original etchings and paintings £30- £1500.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Collaboration, Project Management, Community work, Education projects, Training