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Shirley Vauvelle

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Mixed Media

Shirley Vauvelle’s work is difficult to categorise. She works mainly in three ways, all connected by her love of colour, texture and arrangement of space. The three types of work are sculpting assemblages with hand built clay components; producing impressed slab tile plaques; and painting onto canvas using acrylic and mixed media.

Constructed of clay with dioxides and underglazes and using found or recycled objects. Shirley has always been drawn to weathered surfaces so she collects driftwood, weather worn materials and worn objects and combines them with ceramic components to make quirky sculptures and wall hung pieces.

Wall Hung Tiles
Shirley uses plant forms of seed heads, leaves, grasses and flower heads, arranged with a very conscious thought for space and arrangement. Recently she exhibited these on large scale and would now like to work with corporate or public spaces.

Shirley uses layering when she paints, adding or rubbing back layers of texture and colour. She uses numerous ways to add paint as well as brushes and makes her own painting tools, using her fingers and paint rags to work the canvas. Her paintings are usually an emotional response to an idea from a moment in time.

Current methods of working: Private Commission, Collections of work for gallery exhibitions and design-led retailers