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Stephen Heward

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Stephen Heward makes paintings typically on canvas and board using oil and acrylic paint. His work is in private collections in UK and USA.

Stephen has a raw, spontaneous and economical painting technique which is combined with a deep understanding of the landscape from a lifetime of study and close observation as landscape architect, pilot and more recently as a painter. He enjoys the solitude of the sky or the desert, of an empty beach or stretch of moorland, and feels a deep connection to the ever changing light and weather of the Northern British landscape and the far Southwest. Islands and coastlines feature prominently in his work, which is driven by memory and his emotional response to the landscape.

Stephen typically immerses himself in the landscape for days before painting – and later in the studio, with the benefit of time and distance, pours out an emotional response to the memory of colours and forms in the landscape. He works quickly and directly onto the canvas without preparatory studies or much conscious thought, using brush, knife and hands.

His works are typically about 300 x 240 mm or 900 x 900 mm in size and prices vary from £450 to £1500.

Current methods of working: Gallery Exhibitions, Private Commission