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Stuart Wroe

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“Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness, and truth presupposes error. It is these mingled opposites which people our life, which make it pungent, intoxicating. We only exist in terms of this conflict, in the zone where black and white clash.”  Louis Aragon

The work of Yorkshire Dales based artist Stuart Wroe is best described as an existential form of found and digital art, making contemporary reference to some of the experimental techniques of avant-garde artists such as Duchamp and Man Ray and the philosophical underpinnings of the Dadaists and Surrealists.

His recent Royal Academy Summer Exhibition work builds on successful solo exhibitions in Leeds and group exhibitions at the Grassington Festival and Leeds City Art Gallery. The artist’s subject is the power of the lost and overlooked objets trouvés that have lain neglected, hidden, abandoned for years, decades, centuries.

The modestly-sized works combining found objects and digitally manipulated images intensify the destabilising force of objets trouvé to give new life and create unique new works of art. Through the process images are transformed to the extent that they cannot be recognised – turning Duchamp’s notion of ready-mades and objets trouvés inside out becoming objets perdus.

Current methods of working:  Private Commission, Project Management, Community work, Education projects, Training, Exhibitions

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