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Sue Harrison

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Environmental Art

Sue Harrison conducts projects where the emphasis is on engagement with the landscape. To this end, the slow and gradual process of making, with considered responses to materials and location is her main emphasis. Her passion for bird watching often informs this process but it by no means limits the subject matter.

Sue’s current project involves travelling round the UK coast in a boat with her husband (and raising funds for the RNLI at the same time). She writes a daily blog of their experiences and at the same time she is constructing hand pieced, stitched and quilted blocks using a ‘crazy’ patchwork design which capture the changing seas and the wildlife.

Another project still ongoing is one she began for Celebrating Place. Encounter is a hand felted potable ‘hide’ whereby the invited occupants may observe the landscape in a more intimate way.

Some of the participants have included fellow artists (Matt Baker and Sue Lawty for example), but the main aim is to encourage responses from those who have varying direct  experiences with the land.

Sue’s work is not aimed at selling a final product. She is interested in opportunities for engagement. Scale is dependent on the project.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Collaboration