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Tracy Himsworth

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Tracy Himsworth’s work explores our relationship to place, through drawing, sculpture and direct intervention. Her aim is to explore and document how we make connections to our immediate landscape.

The work she has been doing over the previous two and a half years has been inspired by walking in an environment that fascinated her. She began by drawing what was significant to her on the walks and this slowly built into a diary and a documentation of her relationship to a ‘site’ that eventually became a ‘place’. During this period Tracy developed points of entry into the landscape through manual labour (the lifting, dragging, carrying of tree trunks) moving from outside to inside the studio.

However, her latest body of work explores the British love of gardens. Working on a more intimate scale by juxtaposing domestic utensils with natural materials, Tracy aims to explore the fragility of our relationship to Nature and our need to control and own it through our use of tools and imposed order, creating what she calls ‘Controlled Environments’.

Current methods of working: Public Commission, Private Commission, Collaboration, Community work, Education projects